In Tinker, Sexton Blake was blessed with a very faithful and capable sidekick, but Tinker was neither the first nor the detective's only helper. Blake "auditioned" a number of assistants in his early years, and even after finally discovering Tinker, he went on to gather further allies. Most notably, he acquired the remarkable bloodhound, Pedro. He also earned the friendship and loyalty of talented Scotland Yard men, of male and female adventurers (the latter usually smitten with him), and even of crooks whose crimes he overlooked due to their having an element of honour and justice about them.

The Scotland Yard Inspectors

The men from Scotland Yard weren't always happy to see Blake solving the cases that baffled them. S. Gordon Swan takes a look at those who resented the great detective ... and those who befriended him.

The Women in His Life

As is typical of the period, the Blake saga is replete with female victims. Unusually, though, there are also plenty of strong and feisty women, many of whom ran circles around Sexton Blake! Walter Webb here introduces some.

Captain Dack

Though at heart a decent man, Captain Dack often regards the law as an inconvenience. He frequently ends up on the right side of it ... but usually by accident!

Ruff Hanson

A New York confidential agent, Ruff Hanson is as tough as nails and prefers to do his talking with his two six-shooters, Willy and Wally.