Sexton Blake Bibliography: 2014

Publishing: The rights to publish Sexton Blake are acquired by Obverse Books, which sets out to revive the SEXTON BLAKE LIBRARY, launching series six with the first "official" Blake story in thirty-six years ... authored by yours truly.

by Mark Hodder

NOVEL · 2014 · Obverse Books · £4.99 - £9.99 (varies)

Illustrator: Unknown

Other content: Consulting Room Chat: A History of Sexton Blake by Mark Hodder.

Notes: Crooked art dealer Mathew Cardolak commissions the Three Musketeers to steal a valuable and politically sensitive artefact from the most secure vault in the British Empire ... a strongroom deep inside the Rock of Gibraltar, surrounded by a military base!

Unrated Since I wrote this one, I'm in no position to rate it!

by G. H. Teed

Notes: Algy Somerton, Archie "Fairy" Pherison, and Reggie "Cupid" Fetherston are three of the most harmless and vacuous socialites on the London club circuit. Known as the Three Musketeers, they are seen at practically every dance and race meeting and are generally well-liked. However, beneath their rather idiotic exteriors they are three ruthless and brutal criminals. They are also extremely efficient, as they demonstrate when they burgle Sir George Crossett's house of its treasures. Sexton Blake is commissioned to investigate but first he has to make a private trip to Paris. While there, he spots a candlestick stolen from Sir George in the window of an antique shop. Not long after, someone shoots at him while he's sitting in a car. Meanwhile, back at Baker Street, Tinker indulges in his hobby of listening in on wireless signals. He picks up a strange coded message which, upon his return, Blake decodes. It is a warning about him being in France and the detective is able to trace it to the Three Musketeers. After establishing that the suspects are out for the evening, Blake and Tinker break into their home. They attempt to capture the three crooks but are tricked by a cunningly designed booby trap. Most of the stolen goods are recovered but the Musketeers get away.

Trivia: This is the tale that introduced the Three Musketeers. It is reprinted from UNION JACK issue 977 (1922).

Rating: ★★★★☆