Compiled by Mark Hodder

Harold Blyth
Harold Blyth, Alec G. Pearson, and William Shaw Rae
Melton Whyte
Melton Whyte, E. A. Treeton, and Robert Murray
A. S. Hardy
A. S. Hardy, Cecil Hayter, and Michael Poole
Fred Bennett (artist)
Fred Bennett (artist), John Hunter, and D. H. Parry
L. C. Douthwaite
L. C. Douthwaite, Cicely Hamilton, and T. C. Bridges
H. W. Twyman
H. W. Twyman, W. Stanton-Hope, and Delano Ames
Various Authors
Back (L to R): G. H. Teed (Sexton Blake), McKibbon, unknown, E. J. Wass (Answers), Bill Groves (Answers), H. T. Caudwell (Nelson Lee Library), Alfred Edgar (Sexton Blake), Jock McKeague (girls' papers), Balfour Ritchie (Boys' Friend Library), Clive R. Fenn (writer), Fearn (writer), G. M. Dodshon (artist), Bernard Smith (girls' papers)
Front (L to R): Leonard H. Pratt (Editor Sexton Blake Library & Thriller), J. H. Valda (artist), H. W. Twyman (Editor Union Jack & Detective Weekly), Ernest Harris (Answers), Hedley O'Mant (Magnet), S. Rossiter Shepherd (UJ Supplement), W. Stanton-Hope (Sexton Blake), Harold May (Nelson Lee Library), H. Wright (Boys' Realm), Arthur Aldcroft (Magnet/Gem).
Gerald Bowman
Gerald Bowman, John Drummond, and Gilbert Chester
Joseph Stamper
Joseph Stamper, T. C. H. Jacobs, and Hugh Clevely
Rex Hardinge
Rex Hardinge, Michael Moorcock, and Sydney J. Bounds
Jack Trevor Story
Jack Trevor Story