Sexton Blake was created by Harry Blyth, under the pen name 'Hal Meredeth'. He only penned a handful of Blake stories but, even before his untimely death, other writers had adopted his fictional detective. Over the ensuing eighty years or so, more than two hundred authors wrote Blake tales. Some, such as Michael Storm, remain mysterious to this day. Others, like John Creasey, Michael Moorcock and Jack Trevor Story, became extremely well known. The character was also supported by a number of dedicated editors (H. W. Twyman and W. Howard Baker to name but two) and artists (foremost among them being Eric Parker). Meet them here!

I Meet Mrs. Teed

W. O. G. Lofts describes his encounter with the widow of G. H. Teed ... the man generally regarded as the best of all the Sexton Blake authors.

Martin Thomas versus Blakiana

A selection of fractious letters that passed between Sexton Blake author Martin Thomas and Blake enthusiasts who objected to the "New Order" of stories that commenced in the mid-fifties.