Prior to the First World War, Sexton Blake's enemies were mostly burglars, swindlers, and aristocratic scoundrels. From 1893 until 1913, the stability of the British Empire was paramount in the stories, with respectable tippings of the hat frequently made by the authors in the direction of the nobility. However, from the turn of the century onward, the approaching conflict increasingly made its presence felt. Foreign agents appeared far more often, and the frail insularity of the empire became (at least, in hindsight) plainly apparent. Villains were suddenly far less concerned with inheritances, marriages, and jewels than they were with the weakening of Great Britain and its colonies. Then, on the eve of war, in 1913, something extraordinary happened. Beginning with George Marsden Plummer, a breed of "super-crooks" appeared. Through the war and right through to the 1930s, Sexton Blake found himself opposed by extraordinary individuals. These men and women had no cause (apart from revenge, in a few cases) other than personal power and profit. With their advent, the Sexton Blake saga entered its Golden Age. Meet the Master Crooks on this page ... but proceed with caution! These are extremely dangerous people!

Doctor Huxton Rymer

A highly skilled and well-respected surgeon, Rymer succumbs to drugs and alcohol and sets forth on a long and wide-ranging criminal odyssey.

George Marsden Plummer

The first super-villain! Plummer was an accomplished but crooked detective, a man who by an accident of birth had been denied a title and valuable inheritance.

Count Bonalli: The Owl!

He is so sensitive to light that he's forced to haunt the shadows. His condition, however, is his greatest power ... Count Bonalli can see clearly in pitch darkness!

Marston Hume

A proto-supervillain ... a respectable man turned bad. Marston Hume was the first of Sexton Blake's recurring opponents.

Miss Death

With her days numbered by an incurable heart condition, this implacable young woman sets out on a trail of vengeance ... and will remove anyone who stands in her way!

Paul Cynos

An innocent man serves a life sentence for a crime he didn't commit. When his sentence is commuted, he sets his sights on the individuals who sent him to prison!

Professor Francis Kew

A master toxicologist and chemist, Doctor Kew has a twisted sense of morality and little regard for ethics. He regularly teams up with Count Ivor Carlac.

Doctor Satira

A master chemist, Satira has developed pheromones by which he can control the behaviour of animals ... which comes in handy when he discovers a hidden valley inhabited by the missing link!

Prince Wu Ling

Master of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Beetle, this honourable but fanatical tyrant desires only to overthrow the West!

The Double Four

When a bored monarch loses his royal allowance, he gathers around himself some of the most talented crooks in Europe and goes on an international crime spree!

The Three Musketeers

Algy Somerton, Archie "Fairy" Pherison and Reggie "Cupid" Fetherston appear to be air-headed example of the vacuous aristocrac ... but it's just a front. Behind the clownish masks, they are ruthless crooks!

Prince Menes

He is the reincarnation of the High Priest of the Order of Ra, betrayed by his brother the pharaoh, and exiled at the dawn of the Ancient Egyptian Empire. He is now reborn ... as are the ten priests who betrayed him ... and vengeance is ten thousand years overdue!

Basil Wicketshaw

A crook with not a single redeeming quality, Wicketshaw is wanted by the police of every capital in Europe. He is a man whose crimes are amazingly ambitious and who willingly commits murder to achieve his nefarious ends.