All the books on this site are here because they enthralled me. I recommend every one of them!

Mark Hodder

by Kealan Patrick Burke

We all know from the movies that if you go hiking in the forest you'll definitely end up being chased, captured, tortured and eaten by a family of inbred cannibals. That's why I prefer seaside hotels. KIN is about the typical THE HILLS HAVE EYES scenario except it begins after all the hacking, slashing and chewing has been done. One word: revenge.

by Blake Crouch

by Jack Ketchum

Have I mentioned that hiking in the woods is a bad idea? It's especially true in the off-season. That's when the cannibal families get most hungry. In this novel, they're bloody ravenous! Plot-wise there's nothing new here but Ketchum's writing is superb. He serves up a thoroughly gruesome meal that I consumed in a single sitting. Yum!

About Mark Hodder

Mark Hodder is the author of the Philip K. Dick Award-winning novel THE STRANGE AFFAIR OF SPRING HEELED JACK and its sequels, and of the first officially sanctioned Sexton Blake novel to have been published in nearly half a century (he created and maintains BLAKIANA: The Sexton Blake Resource). He also writes short stories, flash fiction and vignettes. Find out more on his Patreon page. Mark was born in the UK but currently lives in Valencia, Spain, with his partner and two children.